Sitting Here Now

October 16, 2011 at 12:39 am (Pain and Depressing)

Sitting here now,
Thinking way back.
Now I’m wondering how,
How we fell apart like that.
We were so close,
Always hand in hand.
I was your babygirl,
And you were my man.
Life was so simple and sweet,
But in the end it got complicated,
Now I’m tired and weak.
My emotions were confiscated.
Im sitting here now
And thinking back,
Wondering how the hell
Did we fall apart like that?
-Sierra price


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Nothings Right Anymore

August 10, 2011 at 4:10 am (Pain and Depressing)

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When I last said goodbye,

I said that I would see you again,

but now since youre gone, that is a lie.

When I look up at the sky,

and I remember us pointing out stars,

the memories are too sad and I let myself cry.

I never thought you would die,

I didn’t ever tell you,

but you were my soulmate, my perfect guy.

The willow trees hung limp,

and the birds didn’t fly,

as I knelt by your gravestone to say goodbye.

You were the one, yes, my my my,

I feel so empty without you,

Im wishing to die.

So this is Heaven, up in the sky,

then I see your face,

the face of my soulmate, and perfect guy.

~Sierra Price~

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Now Would Be The Time

August 9, 2011 at 3:24 am (Pain and Depressing)

If you were still here,

and I was scared,

now would be the time

to hold me and say it would be alright.

If you were still here,

and he hit me again,

now would be the time

to stand up for me while im down.

If you were still here,

and I was crying,

now would be the time

for you to wipe them off my cheeks.

If you were still here,

and I was about to jump,

now would be the time

for you to stop me before I looked down.

If you were still here,

and i was wandering lost in the midnight rain ,

now would be the time

to pick me up and dry me off.

~Sierra Price

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May 30, 2011 at 3:48 am (Pain and Depressing)

Mama keep me warm

mama keep me safe

mama hold me close

in this dark cold place.

Mama keep me fed

mama keep me well

mama never leave me

alone in this hell.

Mama why don’t we own

a house like them do?

Mama why don’t we have

alot of food like them too?

Mama where is our home tonight?

a different ally somewhere?

why am i still asking,

its not like im going to care.

Mama what does he do to you?

i don’t understand how you get money

for coming home black and blue

mama why you hurt?

Mama don’t leave me

mama don’t go

the rains a fallin’

and the winds ‘a blow.

Mama why you sick?

where do i get a doctor,

what do i do?

mama, im terrified… of losing you.

Mama why arn’t you moving?!

mama you have to breathe!

Mama please wake up!

mama don’t leave!

Mama why you limp?

mama why you cold?

Mama why’d you leave me?

Im only 6 years old!

~sierra price~

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April 17, 2011 at 9:03 pm (Pain and Depressing)

Your smile is a imposter,

pretending to be something real,

but deep down I know your frowning,

your smile is a hidden deal.

Your eyes are still sparkling,

but I know they lie,

the real you is crying,

a little more each time inside.

Your heart is happy,

seeming warm and alive,

but i know your not in bliss,

for happiness i still see your heart strive.

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Now Your Gone…

April 15, 2011 at 1:41 am (Pain and Depressing)

I am a small voice,

you were my megaphone,

 but now your gone,

and no one can hear me.

I am a broken smile,

you were my reason to smile,

but now your gone,

so i am just a blank expression.

I am a colorless painting,

you were the pretty hues and colors,

but now your gone,

so i am a black and white copy of an unseen beauty.

I am a nightmare,

you were my dream catcher who filtered out the bad,

but now your gone,

so i scream and cry throughout the night.

I am nothing,

you were my other half,

but now your gone,

so i remain incomplete…

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Even When…

April 15, 2011 at 12:57 am (Pain and Depressing)

Even when you told me,

he will break my heart,

you let me soak your chest in tears,

when I was emotionally torn apart.

Even when you warned me,

he’s a lying sick jerk,

you still let me rant and rave,

about how much it hurt.

Even when you told me,

he will treat me bad,

you let me yell at you,

because i was all too mad.

Even when you whispered,

I don’t deserve the stuff he puts me through,

and that there’s someone else who loves me for real,

and all along that someone was you.

Even when you said you love me,

I said ‘na, you’re wrong’,

you let me hurt your heart,

even when you were there all along…

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