Silence Wasn’t Golden

November 29, 2011 at 11:34 pm (Friendship and Relationships)

The autumn leaves fell silently down from the huge oak trees as the wind whispered about. The air was cold, crisp and welcoming winter to arrive. I was walking to a friends house whom had invited me over for hot cocoa. I had about four more blocks to go. It was a nice walk , so I had no reason not to save gas and exercise. I felt good in my new blue jeans and tan coat with my red warm scarf. I hadn’t bothered to pull my hair back so it hung down off my shoulders freely in auburn natural curls. I enjoyed the quiet walk alone, but as the sky grew darker I became paranoid that I was being followed. I stopped and stood, pretending to glance up at the sky, and then did a slight turn around and looked behind me. I felt foolish, and childish. No monster was stalking me. I continued along and thought about my work which was required for tomorrow. I was a house keeper and maid for an elderly couple who lived up in a mansion. Perhaps that was exaggerated a bit, but it was a fine house. Large but not to large that made you feel hopelessly small. The Bendtsons are such a sweet couple, quite generous with my paycheck too. Today, when I gathered my things about to head home for the evenings Mr. Bendtson gave me me an extra tip.

“ You sure do know how to make this place shine Ms. Jennifer. Treat yourself to something nice.” Mr. Bendtson had said in his gruff but sincere voice.

“Well thank you, but its unnecessary, really, I get my paycheck this weekend.” I laughed and pulled my hat on over my ears.

“If you don’t accept my gift now, I’ll have to write it in along with your check. Either way your going to have it. Me and Edna really appreciate such a kind , sweet, and honest house keeper. “ He said handing me a 100 dollar bill.

I took it and placed it into my wallet and then tucked my wallet into my purse. “ Mr. Bendtson you are a generous man, and a stubborn one too if I may say so. Have a nice evening.” I smiled and he nodded and winked as I opened the door and closed it.

I hadn’t realized how far I had walked until I was a house past my lovely friends house. I thoughts had distracted me. I turned around and reached her side walk that led up to her pouch. The light was on for me since it was reasonably dark and getting darker as the evening went by. I rapped twice on the door knocker which was beige and designed with metal flowers that curled around it. I never stopped to observe that detail until now. The doorknob was jolting. I soon saw a familiar face.

“ Jennifer! Come in, come in. Its a bit chilly now huh?” she said sounding a bit flustered. I nodded and stepped in and closed the door behind me.

“Yes, it is a bit I suppose, how about that hot chocolate or tea?” I said smiling. We turned a corner into the kitchen. Madeline’s kitchen was filled with a wonderful aroma. Warm freshly baked cookies. I took a seat at her oval table for six. I watched as Madeline opened her oven and pulled out the pan with her panda bear mitts. The cookies looked delicious. I rubbed my eyes and pushed my hair out of my face.

“Oh these cookies look yummy , do they not? Oh, the kettles on with hot water, the cocoa is somewhere in the cabinet to my right. Do you mind, I’ll get the cookies onto a plate if you will fix us some cocoa.” she said while she searched for a spatula. I got up and found the cocoa. I saw two mugs sitting on the counter. They were clean so I scoped 3 scoops of cocoa into them and poured in the hot water. Madeline handed me a spoon without me having to ask. I stirred them.

“ So, how is your job doing? The Bendtsons right?” she twisted her hair up and used a tie on her wrist to tie her long blond hair up.

“Oh its a blessing, working for them. They really are a neat couple. I feel closer to them then I do my own parents.” I brought the mugs over to the table as she placed the cookies down too.

“That’s wonderful. How are your parents doing anyhow? Have you contacted them recently?” she looked into my eyes as I looked away. I lied,” Yes I spoke to them yesterday, they’re doing just fine.” Madeline moaned as she took one bite from the warm cookie.

“Oh , Jen, you have to try one. “ she motioned to the plate. I reached for one and took a bite. A incredible burst of sweetness melted in my mouth. They were better than any I ever tasted.

~A short and unfinished story by Sierra Price~



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