Ocean Sand

May 30, 2011 at 3:33 am (Friendship and Relationships)

Ocean sand,

I scoop with my hand,

the grains fall through my open fingers,

the feeling once held lingers.

Splash Splash goes the waters,

each wave to the shore it slaughters,

each wave crashes then is deleted,

through this the same motions are repeaded.

Sun hides and goes away,

only to come back day after day,

various gust of many winds,

over the top of the ocean it skims.

The birds fly all around,

in ways so astound,

the crabs pinch and crawl,

through the sand their imprints draw.

Day by Day the same old thing,

in beauty it always will bring,

a hope to forever carry on,

like sweet lyrics in your favorite song.

~Sierra Price~


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