April 24, 2011 at 1:26 am (Friendship and Relationships)

Waiting for the thunderous cries,

the lightening that flashes into the eyes,

eyes filled with rain like tears,

marks the night for childish fears.

Nights piercing howl,

the odd hoots of an owl,

the swift floating breeze,

that sifts among the whispering trees.

A tender heart but a violent fight,

goes on throughout this terrifiing night,

a hopeful light bounds in stride,

only to be crushed by a rich mans pride.

Lights extinguished by clouds of pain,

showing the hurt through the tears called rain,

a broken end of a long sad time,

is anothers exciting moment to find.

Endless skies of fury and hate,

giving in to a tempting fate,

the days are numbered to only a few,

the storm takes over in a deep blue.

~Sierra Price~


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Turning Point

April 24, 2011 at 1:11 am (Friendship and Relationships, Romance and Love)

A time at which ones heart pitter-patters,

because you’ve seen the person who truly matters…

A time when all rules are striped away,

because life is more fun when we don’t want to obey…

A time such as a time like this,

where all is sweet love and happy bliss…

A time to be held or a time to be kissed,

where no one is alone, sad or missed…

A time for life to step into view,

to bring back old memories and create a few…

A time to tell the ones you adore,

that they’re all you want and couldn’t ask for more…

A time to shed happy tears,

because we stood tall and faced our fears…

A time in life there’s a point you turn,

because of something new you suddenly learn…

~Sierra Price~

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Tik Tok Stupid Clock

April 21, 2011 at 7:47 pm (Friendship and Relationships)

Tik tok,

you stupid clock,

you’re purposely slow,

on the day i most want to go…

Tik tok,

quit teasing me,

make time faster,

make it 3.

~Sierra Price~

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April 21, 2011 at 7:43 pm (Friendship and Relationships)

Don’t keep me from my dreams,

they’re all I got,

don’t brainwash me like before,

an no i have not forgot.

Don’t remind me im not flawless,

cause as a matter of fact im full of flaws,

don’t tell me what i can and cannot do,

you do not make the laws.

Don’t look at me that way,

like im nothing but trash,

you act like i am a computer, you’re the virus,

and you’re trying to make me crash.

Don’t snap my daydreaming,

and happiness,

just because you’re miserable,

don’t take away my only bliss.

Don’t keep me from my dreams,

they’re all i got,

don’t wake me,

Like last time, because i haven’t forgot.

~Sierra Price~

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April 17, 2011 at 9:03 pm (Pain and Depressing)

Your smile is a imposter,

pretending to be something real,

but deep down I know your frowning,

your smile is a hidden deal.

Your eyes are still sparkling,

but I know they lie,

the real you is crying,

a little more each time inside.

Your heart is happy,

seeming warm and alive,

but i know your not in bliss,

for happiness i still see your heart strive.

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Now Your Gone…

April 15, 2011 at 1:41 am (Pain and Depressing)

I am a small voice,

you were my megaphone,

 but now your gone,

and no one can hear me.

I am a broken smile,

you were my reason to smile,

but now your gone,

so i am just a blank expression.

I am a colorless painting,

you were the pretty hues and colors,

but now your gone,

so i am a black and white copy of an unseen beauty.

I am a nightmare,

you were my dream catcher who filtered out the bad,

but now your gone,

so i scream and cry throughout the night.

I am nothing,

you were my other half,

but now your gone,

so i remain incomplete…

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Even When…

April 15, 2011 at 12:57 am (Pain and Depressing)

Even when you told me,

he will break my heart,

you let me soak your chest in tears,

when I was emotionally torn apart.

Even when you warned me,

he’s a lying sick jerk,

you still let me rant and rave,

about how much it hurt.

Even when you told me,

he will treat me bad,

you let me yell at you,

because i was all too mad.

Even when you whispered,

I don’t deserve the stuff he puts me through,

and that there’s someone else who loves me for real,

and all along that someone was you.

Even when you said you love me,

I said ‘na, you’re wrong’,

you let me hurt your heart,

even when you were there all along…

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It Backfired

April 15, 2011 at 12:44 am (Romance and Love)

It Backfired

I didn’t mean to smile,

if I’d known you would smile back,

it was supposed to be innocent,

but you didn’t take it like that.

I didn’t mean to laugh,

if I’d known you thought i was flirting with you,

it was because your jokes were funny,

they were but the flirting wasn’t true.

I didn’t mean to trip.

if I’d known who would catch me,

it was an accident,

not a planned move like you see.

I didn’t mean to touch your hand,

if I’d known you would grab it and never let go,

it was a clumsy move,

not a sign that I’m in love like so.

I didn’t mean to look back,

if I’d known you did too,

it was blissful yet agonizing,

meeting you…

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I Am Healed

April 15, 2011 at 12:31 am (Friendship and Relationships)

I am healed,

no longer broken,

you mended my heart,

and you hold it like a token.

I am healed,

no longer torn apart,

you took the needle,

and patched up my heart.

I an healed,

past hurtful memories locked away,

you have given me new ones,

every single day.

I am healed,

loved and alive,

no more pain and heartaches,

the things i once had to survive.

I am healed,

you fixed what i thought forever broken,

my heart is now,

your precious and fully deserved token.

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